Irish terrier


Irish Terrier also called Daredevil is a very energetic, courageous and loyal. Irish Terrier is also bold, adventure, smart, intelligent, trainable and always ready for the action. Irish Terrier is very loving, affectionate with the owner and a good friend of children. In fact Irish Terrier loves to play with the children. This dog require a dominant kind of owner as it poses a strong protective instinct as a lenient owner will result in the dog doing wilful deeds. Irish Terrier should be trained right from his childhood and should be consistently taught the rules of your home and his own limits. However, Irish Terrier generally does not get well with other pets in the house.

Irish Terrier loves thing in motion and enjoys playing with the moving objects. In build, this breed of dog has a medium size and are little longer than tall dogs. Small eyes, bushy eyebrows, V shaped ears are the features that this dog posses. Thick, wiry coat lays close to the body of Irish Terrier. Some dogs have small white patches on their chest. Irish Terrier puppies, in some cases, grow black in colour but later change their colour.  Irish Terrier is a loyal, high-spirit, spunk and a dog full of terrier attitude. This dog ahs the advantages of comfortable size, companion of all, a good watchdog and high trainability.