Intelligent dog


There are many different breeds of dogs comprising of natural and men made breeds. Each of the breed of dog has its own strengths, features, specialty and limitations. The dogs are one of the most loved pet all around the world. People all over the world loves to have dogs as pets. One great thing about dogs is that they are easily related and associated with the humans and their feelings. Dogs being an intelligent creature, can understand the feelings, and emotions of its owners. This is something that is just unique of the dogs and that makes them one of the most intelligent animals.

When talking about the intelligence of dogs, there are few intelligent dogs which are more intelligent than other. Basically each dog breed has its own capabilities but overall they are intelligent creatures. Any dog can be given the name of intelligent dog if he or she has certain set of characteristic and if he or she is able to perform certain things with ease.

First of all, an intelligent dog should be able to understand the feeling and emotions of his/her master. He/she is required to understand what his/her master wants from him. Remember, the basic job for any pet dog is to protect its master and family. An intelligent dog should take care of his/her responsibilities and should perform them well. For instance there are many breeds of dogs that are just used for cattle herding their basic responsibility is to protect the cattle herds. So, if the dog is not performing his/her duty well than he/she can’t be given the name of intelligent dog. Apart from herding there are great other duties those are for particular breed of dogs.

German Sheppard, Australian Cattle dog, Shetland sheepdog are few of the names of intelligent dog breed.