To unwind in the evening with your pets


The idea of a happy man always involves guy with a loving family, children who adore him, a house that speaks of his personality, no need of a an external reason to feel happy and the picture perfect is only perfect if there are pets at the feet of the man. Having pets defines a lot about the man. The fact that people are capable of caring for animals that do not have an means to express themselves to men suggests highly of the human 'parent' of all those pets he so lovingly raises. Because if a man can understand the emotions of cats or dogs that are his pets and can reciprocate his feelings in their direction, there is not much he cannot accomplish when trying to understand others or is attempting to express himself to others.

Pets have always been an important part of humans' life, at least as long as the idea of a nomadic man disappeared. Initially, a man raised pets such as dogs, among other things, to warn him against unexpected attacks of trespassers and impending disasters. Soon, raising birds grew into a hobby for the elite which became highly intelligent pets and they were soon trained to speak just like humans, mimic them and even sometimes to answer and prolong the conversation. Of the very popular choices of various animals as pets, dogs have always stood at the highest rung directly preceded by birds. But in the middle ages, the most popular pets, at least for women, were cats. For the sheer womanliness of it and their capability to curl up and look cute when they wished to, girls went gaga about cats and the fact that raising them was not as hard as raising strong, male canines added heavily towards their popularity as pets.

Some people raise an objection to pet owners' motives in raising pets and argue that to be against the instincts of the animal, training it, chaining the pet and causing an opposition to it's natural free-flowing hostility and freedom. There is a case for argument for those who stand by for the above issues too but then, not all people having pets are this restrictive.