American Cocker Spaniel Temperament


The American cocker spaniel is a medium dog with a round shape head. One of the distinctive features of these dogs is their long low set ears that are heavily feathered. The height of the American cocker spaniel dog and bitch is fifteen and half and fourteen and half inches, respectively. The average weight of this breed is between fifteen and thirty pounds, and the life of these animals is approximately twelve to fifteen years.

This type of a cocker spaniel is known for its gentleness and happy-go-lucky attitude. The American cocker spaniel is a good working dog that also makes an excellent pet for families. The intelligence level of these animals is of an average aptitude; however, the creatures are excellent lovers of all human especially smaller children. The puppies tend to be shy; but with adequate socializing, this breed can easily overcome its shyness, as they get older.

One of the difficulties that trainers face during their training is potty training. Nevertheless, these animals are easy to train and appreciate any individual who is gentle but firm during the training. An important part of American cocker spaniel temperament requires daily walks to allow the animals to release their energy while simplifying the task of the trainer.

Another important American cocker temperament facet is the avoidance of small dog syndrome, which necessitates the avoidance of allowing the animal to assume the role of the leader. This may lead to the animal developing behavioral problems, such as excess shyness, submissive urination, mentally wound up, and difficulty in calming the dog. In addition, the creatures may show an aggressive behavior, closely guarding their objects, hyperactive behavior, loitering, and excess barking. Therefore, all these traits can be avoided by ensuring the correct leadership and placement within the pack.

Another trait of the American cocker spaniel is that these animals have a high level of energy. Therefore, you must focus on creating the correct balance. This ensures that you are able to own a pet breed that is a wonderful dog loving daily walk and exercise, while mentally stimulating the animal to provide the best.