Tips for travelling with pets


traveling-with-petsTravelling with pets instruction

For most of the people, pets are family. The pet animals are always next to the owners when they watch television, when they take a morning walk; accompany them on their daily life. This is the reason why many pet owners cannot bear the leaving of the pets for vacation. They always prefer them to take along. The first and foremost thing to do before starting to vacation is to take the pet animals for an overdue visit to the veterinarian. Beyond ensuring the pet’s health, it is important to get a bona fide health certificate. The certificate is a proof of the updated rabies vaccine. It is very much essential for the pets to travel between the countries. It is not only for the rabies vaccination and also for other pet diseases. The vet must test for heartworm and give other vaccinations.

The pet should always have a durable collar with pet’s name and emergency contact address along the phone number. Many pets have a microchip rooted under the skin which is a permanent ID of the animals. The microchip is specifically used for keepingtrack of the animal wherever it goes. The pet owners must pack water, treats, a first-aid kit, medications and a copy of the animals’ medical records. If the owner is planning to stay at a hotel with the pet, confirm the booking details of the reservation in advance.

Pet carriers are essentially boxes made of confined space and secure the pet animal while in travel. The carrier should be well ventilated and should have a secure door and latch. The pets cannot tell they feel hot or cold. So the owner must be aware of the temperature. Pets need water, exercise and breaks at regular intervals. The owner must be careful because his best friend’s safety is in his hands.