Global ecology and environmental damage


The greenhouse gases are threat to the global ecosystem is a very real threat. These gases help to contribute to global warming and air pollution. Due to the increased levels of these gases in the atmosphere, severe weather are becoming more common as the ocean warms more slowly. The devastating storms and hurricanes occur more frequently, and new viruses and bacteria that pose a threat to humans were found, all because the temperature of the Earth heats up faster due to greenhouse gases. The world's ecosystems are changing, and threatened by climate change and global warming. Stop greenhouse gases can stop this threat, and conservation of ecosystems in the world.

The loss of tropical forest biome can be a disaster for humanity as well. Forest creates the oxygen you breathe and has answers to many natural treatments and medical procedures that are not all shown. This important resource is now cut in the tens of millions of hectares per year, and it's a huge loss. Scientists estimate that many unknown plants, insects, and animals are destroyed and has not been found and studied, because of deforestation in tropical forest. This natural resource is an important part of the entire global ecosystem, and life on Earth depends on it. The loss of forests, which happens every day destroys the earth, and the total population. Steps should be taken to protect and preserve this vital resource, which also acts as a filter and removes a very large amount of carbon and air pollution.

Another issue that affects global ecology includes the environmental problems of our offshore drilling for oil. No matter how safe offshore drilling is the process harms the environment and ecology. Methods of oil exploration could harm marine life and oil spills and accidents during transportation has happened many times in a year. Drilling, whether it be sea or on land, destroying the area and has a high risk of environmental damage and hazardous pollutants. One oil spill in the sea can spread quickly and affect many miles of sea life and the environment. For large spills, transportation happen, as one associated with the Exxon Valdez ship, the environment and the region's population could be affected for decades, even with great effort cleaning.