Industrial ecology and our environment


Industrial ecology focuses on the union ever desired results in the field of environment, economy and technology in a sustainable manner. There is an entire discipline, grow out of this concept.

Here we use industrial ecology, because the practice of using technology to implement cost environmentally friendly industrial wastewater. We can not avoid the ironic fact that the Integrated Engineering.

The basic principle of industrial ecology is looking at the specifications of the system, by analogy with natural systems, continuous perpetual systems (closed loop), rather than a direct linear thinking start to finish.

Number of industrial ecology seems like a contradiction in terms, in the old paradigm of schools of thought, but nothing, but today is not only an additional process, but beneficial for all sub-processes. And industrial ecology is really much of the industry in an environmentally sensitive manner are usually based on standards set by governments, but also on shared values ​​of shareholders, producers and consumers.

This concept of "industrial ecology" is part of the green movement techniques.

IE is moving production process from linear (open loop, from beginning to end) systems, which usually end up with waste in a closed loop (feedback) system in which waste is converted into materials for the same process (recovery of waste water) or new processes such as the sludge is used on fields as fertilizer. Theoretically, this means the eternal company of "sustainable" can be saved indefinitely.