English Bulldog Dog Breed


English bulldogs are although the descanters of Mollossus, a Mastiff-type dog, English bulldogs are placid and calm but fighting dog traits are noticeable from his temperament.

These dogs have strong will and are very courageous. English bulldog makes the owners happy and is a symbolic of stubbornness and reliability. Although this dog has excellent temperament, many English bulldogs rescue each other according to the reports.

English bulldogs are gentle and friendly by nature. English bulldogs are although adoring but they are also stubborn. This bulldog is known to be very loyal to his owner and prefers indoors. Also it enjoys the company of other animals and children in the home. But strange dogs make these dogs to become leery and aggressive. As a puppy, English puppy is characterised as high spirit dog and as an adult it is a calm dog. This dog does not like to exercise and is often susceptible to drooling and snoring.

English bulldogs on an average have 12-14 inches height and 50-55 lbs height. Generally colours of English bulldog are red brindle, red and sometimes with black muzzle. English bulldog requires a special care over feeding as it takes no exercise. The dog should not be overheated as neither should it be over exerted in hot weather. English bulldogs make marvellous family pets and are very vibrant and energetic.