Types of dog food and their effects


Over the years, we have seen many modifications in the types of dog food to ensure that your pet receives proper nutrition. Presently, most owners and their pets are satisfied with natural dog foods.

During the past, often the dogs had to remain satisfied with what they found to eat. They just wanted to grow up and mate to continue the progeny. The lucky ones who received good food were healthy. The others were in search of food and a mate irrespective of their health conditions.

Raw Dog Food: These are popular as it easily available, convenient, and economical. The dog food is preferred by people who have the time to prepare and provide food to their dogs. The raw food is prepared of bones with a little bit of mutton on it.

Foods made with home resources: Generally, this kind of food is prepared using leftover foods in the homes or from items available within the house. You can research on the Internet to find some recipes or ask the vet.

Packaged Dog Food: These products include the food items that are manufactured and sold by reputed companies. This dog food is easily found in the supermarket, pet stores, or at the veterinary clinics. The food items can be either dry, semi-dry, or wet foods.

The food requirement of a dog is based on the body weight of the dog. Dog food is the main source of energy for the dogs, which is important for their growth and maintaining their body temperatures. A dog’s weight comprises two parts, one part water and one part muscle and bones. Therefore, it is important that the dogs receive adequate quantity of water along with the food.

A dog grows faster than a human child and therefore it is important to combiner several kinds of dog food. The foods should combine nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals to ensure that your pet does not suffer from any health ailments.