Tips on how to house train your puppy


You have spent several days house training your puppy only to find that you are disappointed each time. Therefore, you get on the Internet and are trying to find some tips on how to house train your puppy. Before you start the training process, you should remember that training your puppy it time-consuming and requires patience. You need to be persistent continuing the training each day to ensure that your puppy is trained. Here are some tips that will assist you in training your puppy.

  • Praising your puppy is important: While training your puppy, it is very important to praise your pet. This will tell your puppy that he or she is doing the right thing that you desire. Therefore, when you take the puppy out to the bathroom spot, you should be praising your pet while he/she is doing the job. This will act as an encouragement wanting the puppy to repeat the activity.
  • Remember that your pet will make errors: It is natural that your puppy will make mistakes during the initial phases of the house training. However, ensure that you do not scold or punish your puppy when he/she commits an error. Maintaining silence and praising for the good acts will allow your pet to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Be sure to use a urine deodizer to disinfect the place where your puppy creates a mess. A failure to do this will leave a scent that your puppy will pick up and may induce him/her to create a mess again.
  • Keep a regular feeding time: An important tip on how to house train your puppy is that maintain a regular feeding time. After the meal, walk your puppy out for him/her to do the job. This will set a routine that will discourage the puppy from messing the home.