Doberman Pinscher


Breed: Dobermann (Doberman Pinscher), breed of dogs. Another name - Doberman pinscher. Breed bred in Germany in Apolda (Thuringia) in the late 19 th century tax collector and landlord shelter stray dogs Ludwig Doberman, in whose honor and carries his name. Mr Dobermans course of their work toured the country and needed a vicious dog-guards, do not require the same special care. He was able to realize its vision through crossbreeding and directional selection dogs of his kennel and those who were brought from trips across the country. The basis was taken vigilant and aggressive German Pinscher, and it was joined by cast-blood Rottweiler possibly Manchester terrier. Within a short period L. Doberman managed to achieve the desired type. Breed Doberman suitable to the guard, military and police service.

General Features: Height at the withers for males - 27 in for females - 25 in. Doberman has a proud and elegant appearance. Dog compact, strong, muscular. The head is long, dense, dry, elongated shape. The skull is flat. In black-and-tan dogs nose is black, the rest in tone color. The chest is deep. Back is straight. Feet well arched, compact, parallel set. The tail is docked. The coat is short, smooth, glossy. Color black, brown, blue and tan.

Doberman Pinscher Temperament: It is important to remember that in the case of the dogs to avoid aggressive games such as tug of war and struggle. A special characteristic of this breed instinctive urge to protect and preserve. Of the games which are preferred by those that focused on the development of canine intelligence.

These dogs can adapt to life in the city, if they provide sufficient load, calculated on the development of intelligence and physical strength. Dobermans require minimal maintenance, thanks to its short and smooth of coat will be enough weekly combing. Dobermans from an early age accustomed to communicating with people in the future become glorious domestic dogs. Nevertheless, most of them recognize only the owner. They are well manifest themselves in games with children, if grow together with them In addition, these dogs differ only energetic disposition. Doberman - the ideal companion for the experienced, physically active owner.

Individuals of this species differ sensitivity, they should not scold or punish severely.

Health problems: Dobermans are subject dysplasia of the hip joints, intestinal dyskinesia, violations of immune-type diseases of the cardiovascular system and thyroid gland. Possible problems with the liver.