Cat horoscope


cat-horoscopeIt is interesting to note that horoscopes greatly influence the nature and behavior of animals just like they do in case of humans. It is a very interesting fact to be observed that the complete behavioral characteristics of pets like cats can be very complex and inexplicable sometimes. For instance two cats of same breed can possess different and starkly opposite traits like one can be affectionate whereas other can be reserved and difficult to manage.

So you should not ignore the birthday of your four-legged friend as it will help you in finding out and studying the characteristic traits and attributes possessed by your pet. If you study the horoscope of your cat you will find answers to many cats stories about them which always seemed impossible to know and were a mystery.

For example for an Aries owner best cats to be owned will be Aries, Libra, Aquarius and the ones opposed will be Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio. Also the sun signs of the cats help determine their behavioral traits and attributes. Like an Aquarian cat will appear eccentric, very smart and sometime completely ridiculous. Such cats are intelligent and full of energy and vibrant. They behave very well with kids and other pets.

Aries cats are short tempered and since Aries is the first of all sun signs so the motto of Aries dogs is always “me first”. Each sun sign describes a particular set of characteristics and these are different from those possessed by others. Cat horoscopes acquaint owners of various aspects of their cat’s personality and will definitely create a better understanding between the pet and the owner.

So if you own a cat then make sure you know the date of birth of your pet. As it will be very essential when you wish to know behavioral traits that your pet possesses.